This tough wearing easy clean, 100% recycled plastic chicken coop makes for happy hens & even happier owners!

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Eradicate red mite in seconds

Red mites are a serious problem, if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an infestation, normally they are almost impossible to remove… not with the more

5 year guarantee

We are so proud of our coop we offer a 5 year quibble free guarantee. In the unlikely event you have a functional problem with part or all of your coop we will simply replace more

Optional automatic door opener from only £97

Having the light sensitive automatic pop hole opener is a must to avoid getting up at the crack of dawn to let your chickens out or rushing home to secure them when it gets more

The lean back cleaning system

One of the developments we are most proud of is that the CluckBuddy can easily be pivoted onto its back when its time for a more thorough clean, you then spray the inside with a hose and the water runs out...simple! read more

Easy clean floor system

The rubber mat that covers the floor of your coop is both hygienic and robust... so when its time to clean, you just roll it up, lift out and empty! read more

Pivoting roof

Our distinctive pivoting roof is both secure and weather proof, providing easy access to your eggs and for cleaning. read more

Perfect for rescue hens

Although this coop is suitable for all chickens, it has been acknowledged by experts as perfect for rescue hens. The low height of the perch and the nest box means they are able to adapt to their new free range life effortlessly. Read Jo Barlow's review on the poultry keeper website

Weather proof

We have tested this coop in all conditions including heavy rain, very hot days and windy conditions and can safely say it'll stand up to the great british weather we know and love.


We searched far and wide for the perfect material that's both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Being 100% recycled its also good for the environment.

100% recycled

After extensive testing of every material available we have found that the recycled plastic we use is great for the environment and offers the best insulation for your hens.

Easy to assemble

We provide simple easy to follow instructions that will have your coop put together in less than 10 more

Secure & predator proof

Our integrated locking handle means this coop is fox and rodent proof. A very safe and secure environment for your lovely hens.

Suitable for 3 hens

Absolutely perfect for 3 large hens (follows DEFRA guidelines). However it will take a few more hybrids or bantams.

Foot friendly perch

As with all the materials/components we use we have sought the advice of poultry experts and have manufactured a chicken foot friendly perch, the rounded edges emulate a branch and allow your chickens to grip in comfort when they sleep.

Draft free ventilation

A well ventilated but draft free home for your hens.

UK design & UK manufacturing

Our products are dreamt up, designed and manufactured here in the UK.


H 720mm / 32" -  W 710mm / 28" - D 810mm / 32"

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When I first saw the lid of the coop I was concerned the catch wasn’t strong enough. In fact it is brilliant! It slots in and pushes up to lock and lifts up and slides up to unlock. This is easy to do once you have the knack but impossible if you are a fox. A fabulous piece of design, I wish all coops had them.

It is the attention to detail that makes this coop stand out from its competitors – the moveable nest box, the low entrance, the sturdy perch. If you are new to keeping ex-batts or indeed adding them to your flock then I cannot recommend this coop strongly enough.
Jo Barlow - Ex battery hen expert

Cluckbuddy Coop


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