Automatic Pop Hole Opener

Our coop has been designed with our automatic door opener in mind. Its our opinion and also the general consensus within the urban poultry community that its essential to secure your flock within the coop by opening and closing the door behind them, even if your coop is in a run. This is to be sure that they are protected from even the most committed predators.

Your chickens will put themselves to bed as soon as the daylight starts to fade. As the sun rises they will be awake and dying to get to some food and stretch their legs so its important to let them out as soon as it gets light to avoid squabbling and stress. So if you work full time or can't guarantee to be at home in the mornings and evenings an automatic door opener is a must!

Each season brings its own issue's. In summer its light very early so you'll have to be up out into the garden to let them out... ok if your an early riser! And in winter the issue is how early it gets dark, we found we had to rush home to make sure they were secure, and of course with the door shut you they will be nice and warm!

With our design we have mounted the auto opener on the inside of the coop. You have two options with the auto opener:

Light sensitive

As the name suggests this automatic pop hole opener responds to day light. Opening when its light and closing when its dark...hassle free!

As we mount the opener and its sensor inside the we also include a pre cut discrete hole in the side of the coop for our unique external light sensor. This is essential for the opener to work in time with the outside light.

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Timer Unit

We have a further option of having a digital timer (mounted externally) that plugs into your automatic opener. This offers and additional level of control.

Typical examples of needing this add on device are :

  • If you have cockerels and need to keep them in a little longer in the mornings to keep the neighbours happy
  • You free range your chickens around the garden and your coop is in a shaded area. Meaning the door will close before your chickens are ready for bed!

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