The flat packed design of the Cluck Buddy means you can eradicate redmite in seconds

  • Red Mite feast on your chickens at night when they are sleeping.
  • They hide in the nooks and crannies of your coop during the day and are very difficult to spot
  • The first signs you have an infestation will be a drop in egg production, poorly hens or their resistance to go into the coop at night
  • Once they take hold they are virtually impossible to eradicate and can really upset your flock.
  • Left untreated your hens life will be miserable and will often be fatal over time.

So with that in mind we designed the Cluckbuddy to make the red mites life a misery! So if your flock is unlucky enough to get an infestation

  • The flat packed nature of the coop means it takes minuets to take apart
  • Take the components away from your chickens living area
  • Get a normal garden hose and spray each panel and the mites or lice have no where to hang onto or hide and they will be washed away with the water.
  • No need to use harmful disinfectants or chemicals the water and gravity will do the work for you!
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